The natural red flesh that can't go unnoticed

Red Moon® is a new apple variety with a red flesh. It is completely natural and is filled with valuable nutrients.

The red colouring of the flesh comes from so-called anthocyanins, which are organic red pigments that can be found also in other fruits with antioxidative effect.

Natural red flesh

The Red Moon® apples never fail to impress people and they also surprise them: the red colouring of the flesh is 100% natural due to the anthocyanin content and can vary from apple to apple.

It goes from light to deep and sometimes it is possible to recognise butterfly-like nuances. It is just the result of mother nature’s work. It is simply spectacular!

Pleasant, slightly acidic taste

Anthocyanins provide a particular taste that is worth discovering.

Despite the natural sugar content, the taste also has a slightly acidic note that also appeals to children.

Nutritional values

Everybody knows, that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. The reason for this is self-evident: apples have a very high fibre, vitamin and mineral content among other precius nutrients.

In addition, the Red Moon® apples contain anthocyanins, the red pigments with an antioxidative effect.


Enjoying an apple is definitely the easiest and quickest way to incorporate the amount of natural energy that we need in our daily diet. A healthy diet is becoming an increasingly important issue – the Red Moon® apple is not only pure enjoyment, but also something that is healthy.


Cut in small pieces, the Red Moon® apple can enrich a salad, a fruit salad or a fruit skewer. Also the Red Moon® apple Carpaccio is something visually amazing. The flesh maintains its red colouring and the taste is completely preserved.


For those who have a little more free time: let your imagination run wild and fulfil your cooking phantasies with exciting and tasty recipes. The Red Moon® apple preserves its nutritious characteristics and the red colouring of the flesh even when you cook it.


The Red Moon® apple is used to enrich the taste of chocolate, but it can also be used to make a tasty juice. Discover more


The Red Moon® apple can be stored outside of the fridge for at least one week.

In order to preserve it as long as possible it should be stored in the fridge’s fruit and vegetable compartment inside a small box perforated by holes.

Our farmers-
Grown with passion

Red Moon® grows on the soils of selected farmers in Italy. The farmers and we focus on growing apples in the most natural way possible because this is a strong and resistant variety.

It is extremely important for us to think about future generations and this is why we stress the importance of growing in a sustainable way. The farmers cultivate 2 different varieties that have a different harvest time and have to be stored differently from each other but are very similar when it comes to the red flesh and their nutritional values.

Ask your trusted greengrocer!

Our partner

We carefully choose the growing areas and partners for our wonderful apple. Our partners have many years of experience in growing fruits and quality. Sustainability as the key for a better future and a great product is our mission statement.

Bio/Biodynamic production
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