Red Moon® SURPRISE INSIDE®: new red flesh apple varieties program

Red Moon® is a new umbrella brand for a series of red flesh apples. They are perfect for 2 aspects:
1. They are of good eating quality, and have a good storage till the spring;
2. They are good for processing, as they do not oxydate: the red flesh colour keeps the red by the time; also the packout is very good.





The basis for a success is for sure a top product. The other side is a necessary good promotion, as red flesh is a non evident characteristic, and you need to explain: that is why SURPRISE INSIDE was invented and trademarked, in fact the consumer gets the surprise of the red flesh once he bites into the fruit. The color of red flesh is completely natural and given by the anthocyanins, those red pigments with an antioxidating effect. The anthocyanins give the fruit a slightly acidic taste, but event the kids like it. The anthocyanins plus the polyphenols and vitamin C make RedMoon® to a very nutritious apple, you can use for a lot of dishes: in the salad, in the fruit salad, in delicious fruit skewers, but you can also juice it or use it for special dessert and cakes.




The processing industry is very interested, contracts with big companies for juice and cider have been signed. There is more to come for chips and cakes, indeed since autumn 2016 the group is able to deliver fruit in bigger volumes.




In 2019 there are already 86 hectares of RedMoon® planted in Italy and France, with tendency to rise. Due to the high consumer satisfaction in the fresh consumption and transformed products, we plan the plantings of selected apple growers step by step. We motivate our partner grower to produce RedMoon® as natural and sustainable as possible, as the varieties are naturally robust and resistant.







The varieties are bred by French Jean-Luc Carrieres and Escande nursery. Together with the Dutch consultant Hans Scholten, Italian marketer Fratelli Clementi and KIKU Variety Management of Braun brothers, known for the global brand KIKU, the RED MOON COMPANY has been formed. The group brings together know how of the whole supply chain, know how in managed and branded varieties, as well as global partnerships. Quality is the credo of the group, wanting to positevely “shock” the consumer, create new consumption, which only works with highest quality. There is more breeding for the future of new and stunning red flesh varieties.

From left:
Jürgen and Thomas Braun (KIKU Variety Management), Benoit Escande (Escande Nursery), Jean-Luc Carrieres, Hans Scholten, Luis Clementi (Fratelli Clementi), Stefan Klotz (KIKU)



For more infos please contact: info@redmoon-apple.com